Clash Of Clans Gems – Tips & Tricks

clash of clans gems

clash of clans gems hack

If you want to speed up in Clash of Clans or get special goodies that comes not get around the need to collect gems. In Clash of Clans you can either buy gems or free collect in the game as long as you bring your patience;) That’s why I would like you to summarize a few tips and tricks for gems, like her who gets free and also how their reasonable gems begins!

Going long with Clash of Clans gems hack is a pretty expensive business and in my opinion, in many situations, not really necessary. Almost 90 euros for 14,000 gems is already a steep price, I personally would not pay. But I have already bought a 2x jewel pile, then the reason to get the site huts faster. But that could have been avoided. And I want you to explain how you can get Clash of Clans gems free and how It is practiced best with them now :)

How do I get free gems Clash of Clans?

• Free gems achievements!
Is free to get the best option many gems definitely play through all the achievements. Especially three achievements are particularly lucrative. “Sweet Victory” brings a whole 450 gems when you reach 1250 trophies. The achievement “friend in need” brings all 250 gems and with “Indestructible” is available for 5000 Defence wins after all, still 100 gems. Otherwise, you can get hold of achievements always 10-50 gems to various Clash of Clans!

If you want to quickly reach the 1250 trophies at “Sweet Victory”, examined explicitly by villages, where the town hall stands unguarded outside. So you can without much effort troops always a star and so 6-11 cups pick. For “friend in need”, I would recommend that you join an active and industrious communities anfangt for donations. But this achievement takes time, even if you really donates extremely busy, you come hardly more than 1,500 troops in one week.

With the latest update of Supercell, there are other ways to get many gems for free. At achievement “Hero of the leagues’ you have just over 2000 cups and thus come into the crystal League. Then there’s fleet 250 gems for you! Those who manage in the Champions League to come, the waving even 1000 gems !!! But that should be Zach, from 2300 Cups, the air is very thin seeeeeehr!

• Free gems for the best clans
sake of completeness, I mention this possibility, but they will probably be rather useless for 99% of the players. If you belong to one of the top clans, get under the 3 best clans each 10 best clan members free gems. The tip therefore is aimed at players who play area in 3000+ trophies. First you have to enter in one of the top clans and then there are among the 10 best players;) Have fun ..

• Gems free while cleaning up the village to get
over again there are trees, logs, bushes and fungi that have to be removed. There are sometimes (not always) 1-3 gems. It seems to me that the “weeds” rapidly appears when that no longer cares about the village, so I drop everything to grow a little and then spending one go clean. So keep coming to the 10 gems it. Cleaning up is in Clash Clans and the only way to permanently get free gems!

• Clash of Clans Cheats and Hacks free gems
Because I’ve already seen some instructions on Clash of Clans Cheats and even Youtube videos with various hacks, USED PLEASE DO NOT!. First Supercell is not stupid and realizes such clumsy attempts cheat extremely quickly. And before you know it, the account is frozen and the whole game progress then. Secondly earned Supercell therefore money to finance the operation and development of the game. In my opinion, Supercell has managed a very fair balance between free-to-play and the payment options. No one is really forced to buy gems, ie you can the game really without spending a single penny to play! So, stay away from cheats and hacks!

• How to set his gems Clash of Clans most effective one?
For me the gems were really only in the acquisition of building huts of importance. The more site huts you have, the more buildings you can upgrade at the same time. At the beginning makes it really fun to have more site huts, but the further one progresses in the game, the less you need it. Because if an update will cost 6-7 million gold, one needs to have a little bit to the scrape together at all and to deal with a Bauhütte;) I myself play with 4 masons’ guilds, the 5th is pure indulgence in my view not necessary. Just when one is already quite advanced, as I with my Level 9 City Hall! As already everything costs a small fortune and I’m happy when my 4 site huts are busy: P As mentioned before, I got carried away twice to buy gem pile, precisely in order to get both times a Bauhütte faster. But the 4 Sheds you can also get free if you have a little patience!

Make buildings more quickly done in my opinion is the most senseless way to spend his gems Clash of Clans. For a building that needs 7 Days for completion to obtain in a single click, you have to make already more than 1,000 gems loose. That’s about 8 euros in hard currency! And then there are countless buildings and upgrades that can last up to 14 days. Find yourself so that you have to wait for the game! Patience you have need! : P I personally would spend only gems for Sheds, construction site for decorations like the cool pirate flag or a large statue. Because the building and upgrades are one way or another (eventually) even finished, the goodies on the other hand you have to actively buy with gems. Get an awesome clash royale hack here.

Supercell announced latest game : clash royale, and if you struggling playing this awesome game, you can use this super clash royale hack online tool for free of cost.

Hay Day tips, tricks and cheats for Android and iOS

hay day tips and cheats

In this article you can find some of Hay Day tips and tricks and everything to question cheats. After one used to play most of the good farmer games only on Facebook, there are now very good simulations for the smartphone. So there is now a kind Farmerama-Clone for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It involves the free game called Hay Day and it is a classic farm game with all the trimmings. This of course includes the cultivation and sale of vegetables as well as the construction of bakeries, sugar mills and dairies in which the products produced can then be further processed immediately. Of course it is also possible to breed animals in Hay Day.Among the animals include besides chickens and pigs, cows and sheep. The game is not only convincing by a great gameplay but also with great graphics. For the iPad, there even where the graphics appear again in high and beautiful Retina optimized version. Taxes can be the game Hay Day, who would have thought it quite normal on the screen and with a few gestures you can perform certain things. The gestures are meant to imitate real farm activities.

Like every building game like this farm simulation course there are tips, tricks and cheats as you can over other players an edge. These tips and tricks are not always illegal and exploit bugs, but are also quite legal ways to move quickly and efficiently through the game. In this article we want to briefly touch on our experience, we have made during the game.

Hay Day Tips: trade, coins and diamonds

To Hay Day cheats as much as possible and quickly to get money, you have to properly take care of the trade. By trading obtain coins that are required, among other things, to buy food or other products for the farm. In addition to coins there are in Hay Day even diamonds which can be used for example to speed up production on the farm. Diamonds are very rarely gets at present, however the game Hay Day. So if you can not wait and want to speed up production on his farm, has to buy the diamonds for real money. Tip:For a successful and fast gameplay does not necessarily need to improve the transfer diamonds purchased. Clear to get through the occasional purchase of diamonds ahead faster but who brings patience with him and the first level is over, comes later in the game ahead almost as fast as someone of diamonds has exchanged for real money. It takes at the beginning of the game Hay Day Although everything a little longer, but with a little patience, the phase will pass relatively quickly.

Tip 2: Use all the features of the game: The newspaper

Anyone who has already reached the level 7 in Hay Day who has the ability to look at the newspaper in the game. The newspaper is an often underestimated features that can help a further especially in this level already. In the newspaper may at any deals. In this case, it has two advantages. On one hand, you can buy now and then cheap deals from other players and on the other hand can offer itself in newspaper its products against coins. Each of the newspaper has not been looked at in Hay Day, this should do as soon as possible. Over time, we will publish more tips and tricks for Hay Day here. If you have good tips on the gameplay of Hay Day, feel free to leave us a comment.

Tip 3: Get More Coins in Day Day

The coins in Hay Day are an important factor for success is in the game. These suggestions are showing, we can find it in Hay Day faster and more coins and collect. The coins needed her, among other things to build your farm, purchase of plants or animals or other things.

  • More coins by selling goods:  The easiest way to get to more coins in Hay Day is of course, the sale of goods or merchandise. Although it is quicker when selling the goods on the ship, you should this just once offer on the stall for sale. Here, the goods usually can sell three times more expensive than in the orders or at the ship. But only benefits has not this way, because the sale at the booth there are no more experience points and thus your level rises more slowly. Depending on whether you just have to focus on fast levels or earn fast coins, this trick can already be quite useful.
  • More coins by opening Hay Day treasure chests: By opening the treasure chests you can pretty well get coins. Even if the number of coins is not really very high in a treasure chest, it may be worthwhile but if you have anyway just emulate anything. So Visit your friends and open the treasure chests, it’s worth it.

Hay Day Cheats

Again and again we receive inquiries about Hay Day cheats. There are far to cheat to gain an advantage not possible. Moreover, this is quite dangerous because you thereby risking his or her account and already invested Time. Let rather steer clear of it and earns you fairly, a good yard. Furthermore, the use of Hay Day Cheats is not allowed, so we can only recommend you to leave it alone. The features of Hay Day for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch: In the list below, we again have the official features of the game published by the developer.

  • FREE!
  • Produce delicious food using natural ingredients from your own farm
  • Buy and sell your healthy, freshly produced goods at the farmers market
  • Raise and care for funny farm animals with peculiar personalities!
  • Plant and harvest various crops
  • Build processing plants such as sugar mills, or a loom
  • Order the country and improve your farm with different tools
  • Beautiful animations and sounds. Your farm really feels alive!
  • Retina optimized for the new iPad
  • Simple and fun touch gestures that mimic real farm activities
  • Games and handle with your friends in Game Center and Facebook

Download Hay Day Now

If you have not heard of the Hay Day app, you can watch them for free for iOS and recently also download for Android. A few weeks ago the app Hay Day was also released for Android and thus the game is no more obstacles.

Download app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Here you will find the link to the Hay Day App in Apple App Store for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.The success of the Games app you have here is certainly nothing more to say, because looking in the app charts is worth a thousand words.



boom beach

boom beach mega crab tips and tricks

After waiting so long with the count that had appeared in the mysterious shadow map in Boom Beach , this came to an end bringing the appearance of the new weapon of Dr. T, this destructive weapon is the Mega Crab created for the purpose of seize the entire archipelago in Boom Beach cheats. This was a new event that lasted 7 days in which all players Boom Beach took the opportunity to attack him and filled with resources to improve all the possible buildings.

If you are a new player or low level I recommend you visit our article on Mega Boom Beach Crab or you can see the video that have been channel Boom Beach below:

Tutorial on Mega Dr. Crab T’s

We have also decided to answer a few questions and help you in your attacks and leaving tips and advice that will serve in the different phases of Mega Crab :

Tips to attack the Mega Boom Beach Crab on:

  • Destroy the spheres (containers) that are full of bicharraco, these will serve as a distraction to the Mega Crab defenses.
  • The Warriors Attack is useless in this event , due to the large number of normal Minas and Minas paralyzing.
  • Like Warriors Grenadiers will not be very useful in the event of Mega Crab as from stage 15 onwards, stage designs have many rocket launcher and sniper towers.
  • If you want more resources that already offer the Mega Crab , I recommend you to accelerate your Reward Statue Resource , get up to twice the resources that will be of help.
  • The phases of Mega Crab become almost impossible from the stage 20 , so I recommend accelerate Gunship statues of Energy and Troop damage .
  • Some of the designs stages of Mega Crab are mostly defenses that attack a single target, can use all your boats full of Zucas and guíalas to hiding them core with smoke and paralyzes rocket launcher and Prototypes. Maybe using this strategy you achieve destroy the phase a single attack.

Remember these tips will only serve you if the Mega Crab appears again and so will be fully prepared to attack him again. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of MegaCangrejo in Boom Beach

Like any event that has appeared in Boom Beach we will always have their advantages and disadvantages and of course the Mega Crab is no exception because although not enough though mostly have great advantages, it also has some disadvantages and you leave them then:

Advantages of Mega Crab:

  • It was a very competitive and innovative global event that had not been seen before in Boom Beach.
  • It allowed the use of different strategies, so that makes players improve their attacks Boom Beach.
  • The rewards were great, perfect to help us with our improvements.
  • Gems rewards, Powders, parts Prototypes and more were most welcome, we want to stop these rewards.
  • The same designs stages helped us destroy them as containers had to destroy freed bicharraco we helped distract defenses. 

Disadvantages of Mega Crab:

  • The event becomes a bit boring after stage 30 onwards.
  • Intel low production for many operational forces within 7 days of the event as players gathered in the Mega Crab.
  • Grenadiers and Warriors were completely useless in this event due to the large number of mines and rocket launchers in stages.
  • The event by offering many resources, makes players buy diamonds to complete their improvements, this is because during the 7-day event stored too many players have better resources and a building could not attack the Megacangrejo. This made the players instantly improve one building and again until you can no longer obtain resources in the phases they become difficult.

Questions and Answers about the Mega Crab

Here we leave the most common questions that arose during the event Mega crab and of course I remember you if you have any questions about the event, please leave in comments:

He return Mega Crab?

The event has helped a lot with respect to farming in Boom Beach as they were botinazos those obtained by attacking players in this event and even more when acelerabas your rewards statues . I personally believe that the event will return but with slight changes as some phases were too easy and others nearly impossible, developers should be working to improve the event. If really the event returns must assume that this return is every two or three months because it must spend time by developers to design at least 100 stages.

If the event returns will be weekly?

If the event returns must be assured that will not be weekly , as I told you , the MegaCangrejo could return every two or three months because if this were a weekly event would turn Boom Beach in a game too easy and lose the grace of all , because all players would focus on attacking the event and not to attack other players. Recall that Boom Beach is also a competitive game like his brother Clash of Clans. It is also saturating that this event would mean nothing to the players who are already buzzing with all its buildings so it would not help attack this Mega event Crab.

You really are endless phases of Mega Crab?

The phases of Mega Crab SI are endless, it is what we can say so far because many players have overcome 60 stages onwards, although this has been a difficult task because the phases have been almost impossible to overcome.

How they attacked in phases 50 onwards?

Apparently phases from level 50 become too difficult for players to overcome chose to accelerate energy gunboat statues, health and damage troop troops to increase the odds of beating the phases. In addition it should be noted that the phases in which there was only defenses that attack a troop at once (Torres, Cannons Boom and Canyon Normal) some players attacked with all the boats full of Zucas and headed straight to the core helping to hide with smoke Prototypes and rocket launcher and paralyzing occasionally.

Does it make sense to attack the MegaCangrejo if I am already at the top in Boom Beach?

For players who are already completely abut the improvement of its buildings it would not make sense toattack the Mega Crab for resources, but it is noteworthy that this event also offered as a reward magic dust for statues Modules for Prototypes and Diamonds, these rewards mentioned they are of great help to any player who is completely improved. In addition it should be noted that the Mega Crab is a competitive event, so if you want to be at the top of your country and even better in the Global top worth attacking him.

Who surpassed the greatest number of phases in the Mega Crab?

We leave the Global table players who managed to destroy more phases in this event:

Conclusion about the event:

It was something very new never before seen in Boom Beach causing great impression and excitement in the players as offering great rewards made ​​more competition for being on the top of our country in the game. Noting that helped many to improve our buildings and troops but was not always quite good since weneglect our Task Forces and many were invaded by the bases of the Dark Guard losing medals. In conclusion we can say that was a great event and of course we hope to return soon with a few small changes to not help when we are in trouble from time to time.

Remember to leave us your opinion about what you think of the event Mega Boom Beach Crabrespond to any of your questions and remember that we are aware about what’s new Clash of Clans andBoom Beach . Thank you for reading!,

How to Win alone or with friends

agario tips and tricks

If you want to start playing, the fashion game in which you have to eat to avoid being eaten, here’s a guide of tips and tricks to crush your opponents.

The fashion game started as a web game Miniclip that you can continue playing from the browser but is the best we can now play with much more comfortable thanks to touch controls free applications for iPhone, iPad and Android. Both are in the tops of downloads for a simple reason: it is extremely funny but not enough .

If you’ve heard of the game but do not know how to play, we have prepared a guide to everything there is to know about the game and all the tricks and tips needed to start enjoying the most addictive game of the year.

How play?

Agario is a fairly simple online game created by a user on Steam called M28 and released in May, since then, has attracted the attention of millions of players. Agario play is quite simple. After choosing a user name, you get as a player to a grid or board transformed into a small spot of color. The object is to eat the smaller ones than yours spots and grow , and avoid the larger you might eat and make you lose the game.

As an online multiplayer game, when you have eaten enough small dots you can begin to absorb other players to be getting bigger. In short, it is to eat to avoid being eaten , no more.

Tips and Tricks for

Hide behind the virus to be small : While you are small, you will see how the spots, dots or cells (as you prefer to call them ) bigger than you, chase you aggressively to eat. If you are in hot pursuit and not think to survive, approach a virus and hide behind it can be your greatest chance of survival. If the player who is chasing you collides against the virus, your spot will be split into many small.

Use the edges and corners to your advantage : Agario grid has limits and you can use them to catch or corner your opponent if you control where they are. The small spot that arrincones will have no chance to escape and can easily absorb without having to start a heavy persecution.

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Divide when you’re huge and pretend hunt : The bigger your spot, move slower, until a stodgy limit. If you intend to continue hunting colored dots and you’ve grown a lot, divídete two to move twice as fast and absorbing the smaller droplets.

Using viruses to round to be great : When the volume of your stain exceeds 200 you will corralling other players more easily but, as we said, your speed will be much lower. To attack and keep eating without having to chase players too, shoot part of your body against viruses and feed on the remains that emerge from your opponent.

Playing with friends, allying and follow a strategy : Typically, the player selects a server in the US, Europe, China … to play and assigned a random game of that server. However, if you want to play with friends,compete and build alliances against the rest of the group , is made ​​possible by the only available browser version of the game “Party Mode” option.

To play with the Party Mode, you must follow these steps:

  1. Install the extension Tampermonkey Chrome or GreaseMonkey Firefox or Safari.
  2. Download here the script from the web of AgarMod.
  3. Follow the installation steps.
  4. Go to the website .
  5. Copy your IP address and your friends the copy in the next field.

And ready. So you can make equipment or ally yourself and follow a strategy or another to conspire and corner the rest of your friends . If you already seemed fun to play against random users, you can not imagine how well you can go through the “Party Mode”.

Analysis ‘One Piece: Treasure Cruise’ for Android and iPhone

Again a game that starts with the first steps of the adventure of Luffy. Luffy as a child in the tavern again seize the opening scenes of this ‘ One Piece: Treasure Cruise ‘, a delivery based on the license, which already has some time, and dawns with firm Bandai Namco on Android and iPhone.’One Piece’ is the great saga of the anime acts. The most important commercially without any doubt, and achieved with every foray into the realm of video games to get away with . In conventional consoles and PC, Namco Bandai has found the equation with Omega Force to win fans with ‘One Piece Pirate Warriors ‘. However, the proposal for mobile ‘ One Piece ‘ is totally away from musou adventure console and comes with an RPG turn – based game primarily focused on the fighting, and background flavor to the classic slogan ‘ Pokémon ‘ to “get With everyone”.

one piece treasure cruise

Bandai Namco is one of the big Japanese which is more trying to implement their games in the West. Tops in sales and offend me if you have not installed on your phone, ‘Pac-Man 256’. The timeless classic Namco in the 256 adapted to the times when the most successful format possible. ‘Pac-Man’ certainly is a game that has desktop hard to hold in the current catalog, but in the mobile version for quick and daily game works like years ago. The journey to reach ‘One Piece: Treasure Cruise’ is consistent, because two starting points are mixed in this proposal: the signing of Bandai Namco mobile is today the guarantee of a hard minimum to ensure ,on the tops sales , ‘One Piece’ is pure fan service, and that appeals ‘One Piece: Treasure Cruise cheats‘.

The tutorial awful is the great stumbling block

After a tutorial disturbingly long, tedious, and complies step by step everything a tutorial should not be finally we discover what really hides this free-to-play pirates. What we have here is an RPG very dynamic and accessible in the group of characters, a group of up to six different selectable operating for the player in a unitary manner. No commands for characters in the classic sense of the role in turns, but each of the characters has only two (normal and special) attack that is triggered by clicking on its image. Thus, it is important to know the character’s attributes, those of our enemies, and the ability to strike at the right time and go stringing beats members of our team. Thus, the battles take place at breakneck speed in a very accessible equation of skill and strategy.

The strategic component is marked based on the attributes of the characters. A circular system of classic RPGs (Fire beats ice / water heat) here is based on a color wheel. With this wheel head attributes we launching our executions. The system is accessible, fast, original, but perhaps just too much. The depth to the game comes in the preparation of the fighting.

The structure

In its structure the game reminds a lot of ‘Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes’.Taking advantage of both titles the weight of characters that make the license drag collecting bastion. In ‘One Piece’ real money and play money we unlock all kinds of characters: from putties crew will do nothing, or at thelevel of fan service, or on the battlefield, until, at the opposite pole, the characters emblematic of the series. In this collector ‘s desire it is where comes in the monetary component of the adventure. We can not buy directly from the character we want, but a random system. If we pay gems (real money) we will have more options unlock special characters. Many more options. There is no time limit on the games, or tickets, or horrible such systems. Monetary equation in this case is based on the likelihood that leave us better characters. In theory, we can therefore enjoy the game as much as we pay or not, but there is no doubt that the gems are a good catalyst to build a team to match. Beyond collecting, the evolution of characters in level and skill selectable functions farming back . We sacrifice some of the characters we have available to improve the attributes of potential interest to us. If a character farmeamos senior reward will always be higher.

We improve on the one hand the attributes of the characters, and secondly also improved special attacks. On the Internet we have tens of wikis and tables to achieve optimization of our team, as another strategic component comes into play when conjugate formation perfect six characters. In this sense allows us to edit multiple lists six characters to store several different formations and go choosing what we believe most appropriate in each case. This succession of battles is held on some of the major plot lines of the story we already know ‘ One Piece ‘. This game does not open or invent any arc, just follow poorly through some vignettes of the key moments of the series. All completely fan service, as they only do well extracts plot and those who actually know. Among the fighting there is no possibility of interaction in lines of dialogue, and we will play a role in the story beyond mere spectator. The plot development is a background to break the repetitiveness potential link match after match. The fighting is dynamic and fast, intuitive, almost simple. Perhaps the most intense and demanding part is in the planning team and the characters that we carry in our group of six, that the outcome on the battlefield itself.

So you win followers: 10 Tips for the perfect Instagram account

get free instagram followers tips and tricks

1. Find your own style

Do not post indiscriminately everything that comes before the lens.Think about what suits you, and ask yourself in any photo, whether it fits the style of your previous images. So know your followers what they can expect from you. Note: Your account should not just selfies exist – if you are not famous, you bore your followers so that in the long term only.

2. Pay attention to quality

With Instagram it comes to aesthetics. Make sure that each photo is sharp. And you always shoot several images to the best choose to. Take in each case the alignment tool – it is the most important Instagram feature at all, simply skip many users but. With the result that the popular sunset photos often have a skewed horizon …

3. Also the background counts

Always pay attention to your background. If you want to photograph an object, choose a simple, clean surface – white, soft tones or food photography and dark backgrounds are aesthetically unattractive. For portraits and outfit postings are particularly at successful Instagrammern actually colorful walls with graffiti popular.

4. Engage your subject in the right light

Avoid – if possible – artificial light! In photos it always seems yellowish, also a tremendous help because not really. Each image is nice if younatural light use. Play also with the focus of your cell phone camera by tapping on the screen – to the point where the focus should lie. You will notice that automatically the exposure changes.

5. Not only square

Instagram photos are not always square. Some designs simply look better when they horizontally or vertically tailored – for example landscapes.Many apps help crop images while creating a clean background, including“Afterlight” or “InstaSize” .

6. Remove only if necessary

When Instagram was young, all users were bent on filter – but since then a lot has changed. Today, you should first check if your photo needed at a filter or not unprocessed looks much nicer. If you decide to edit, use not only the pre-installed standard filter on Instagram, but you always use the other settings. Separate photo editing apps like “VSCO Cam” can also be very useful.

7. hashtags wisely

Insert hashtags – but not too many! A maximum of five have rich, anything seems daunting to your followers. The currently popular hashtags worldwide can be found on the hot list of Websta . The Top 5 at the moment: #love, #instagood, #me, #tbt and #FOLLOW. But beware: Select a hashtag, because it fits your screen – not only because he’s in.

8. The right time

If you want your image by as many people saw is, you post it is best in the morning or at early evening . Studies have shown that most users 6-8 pm and again 17-20 pm Instagram online are.

9. establish contacts

You want a network build? This only works by other Instagrammern interact. Liken you follow many accounts and comment on the photos. If someone says to you, you answer; if someone likes your photo, you liken back. To be new in a short time followers win. You can get free instagram followers and likes with this awesome site too.

10. Less is more

Do not post too much. Wait a while better, otherwise you waste content and could be used as a pain be felt. Photographs applies: Keep it simple!The successful Posts are those easy to understand are. Do not think too much about your images to – Instagram is fun to make!

Unlock cheats, tips, tricks, tactics and diamonds: Boom Beach

Boom Beach


Boom Beach of the Clash-of-Clans-makers is one of the best strategy games for Android. Thus, the entry into Free 2 Play game easier, you can find here some useful tips, tricks and information about cheats. The latest advice is all about the Boom Beach Diamonds that your success by the”conquerors” unlocks.

Boom Beach Diamonds

Even in Boom Beach Diamonds are particularly important, as can be accelerated with you the construction of buildings and troops. As you come to the coveted premium currency, you can learn here:

Tips for Boom Beach Diamonds

  • Pay attention to the card (Archipelago), because there appear at irregular intervals chests. In it are often located several Boom Beach Diamonds. Keep your eyes peeled!
  • For dives with the submarine you can find Boom Beach Diamonds. Before the job starts, you will happily see how many Boom Beach Diamonds you after completion of the mission get.
  • On the map (archipelago) in Boom Beach now and boxes appear where there are diamonds. So keep your eyes open!
  • Conquer as many successes and POIs in Boom Beach, because that you will be rewarded with diamonds. For example, such as

Unlock Boom Beach Diamonds by success

Boom Beach Diamonds: success “chain of command”

  • Improve at Boom Beach unlock the headquarters on Level 3 to 10 Boom Beach Diamonds.
  • Increase in Boom Beach unlock the headquarters at level 10 to 20 Boom Beach Diamonds.
  • For 30 Boom Beach Diamonds You need the headquarters improve on level 10th

Boom Beach Diamonds: success “war chest”

  • Improve at Boom Beach a gold stock on Level 2, unlock 10 Boom Beach Diamonds.
  • To unlock 20 Boom Beach Diamonds, you have a gold stock on Level 5 to unlock.
  • Improve at Boom Beach a gold stock on Level 10, unlock 30 Boom Beach Diamonds.

Boom Beach Diamonds: success “raw materials”

  • reap At ten Boom Beach Diamonds, you have at success “Natural raw materials” remove 5 trees and rocks.
  • It applies to 20 Boom Beach Diamonds in the success of “Natural raw materials” to remove 10 trees and rocks.
  • In order for your “Natural raw materials” comes 30 Boom Beach Diamonds at success, you need 100 trees and rocks removed

Boom Beach Diamonds: success “conquerors”

  • Thus you ten Boom Beach Diamonds are credited, you have 5 bases of the enemy destroy
  • For 20 Boom Beach Diamonds 100 enemy bases must be destroyed.
  • To earn 30 Boom Beach Diamonds, it is destroying 1,000 enemy bases.

Tips and tricks for tanks in Boom Beach

  • Tanks can plug in Boom Beach very many hits and they also have neat firepower. Unfortunately, they are relatively slow. They are therefore mainly used for the protection of units that have low health.
  • Places the tanks in Boom Beach ie for example before Zookas. With this boom-Beach-Tip numerous units you should survive longer.

Tips and tricks for protecting tower in Boom Beach

  • Placed the shooter tower as far back as it has a large area.
  • To hinder protecting towers and ultimately eliminate, you should attack with shock bombs the shooter tower in Boom Beach.

Tips and tricks for Abfackler in Boom Beach

  • The Abfackler is an excellent offensive unit in Boom Beach, but also a real team player. He provides much protection especially rangers as the Zookas. Positioned to best behind the tanks, so they can shoot unprotected longer.
  • The cannon of destruction in Boom Beach is a really nasty weapon. Since the Abfackler can plug quite a few things you should him feed forward chicken to turn the cannon of doom.
  • If a Abfackler in Boom Beach verge to fly in the air, you should him as far away from your place troops. If he explodes namely, it can sometimes damage your soldiers. This impending explosion of course you can use to his advantage and send him to the enemy troops shortly before an explosion.

Tips and tricks to combat units in Boom Beach

  • Protect are strong in Boom Beach especially in groups, as they can do little alone. But you you should also always stronger units to the side, so they do not end up as fast “cannon fodder”.
  • The emphasis in Boom Beach unfolds especially in combination with a Zooka its full destructive power.
  • The Zooka in Boom Beach is a particularly strong unit that can cause much damage. As the shooter should never go out alone, but are shielded from other groups, since they can withstand relatively little.
  • The warrior in Boom Beach is perfect to kill your stationary guns as rocket launchers and mortars.

helpful strategies

  • Attacks from your boat from getting out the opposing towers with torpedoes. As the torpedoes cost anything, you can keep it without hesitation!
  • The living hut in Boom Beach should you start necessarily upgrade to get gold faster.
  • Proper use of paramedics in Boom Beach can decide a battle. Pay attention when using the doctors but always ensure that they fall not too far, as they can no longer help so fast units. Unprotected they are also an easy target for enemies.



Cheetah Mobile’s Piano Tiles 2 tops Google Play’s US Free Game Rankings

Piano Tiles 2 (2)

The original, Piano Tiles (Don’t Tap the White Tile) reached massive success with over 300 million total downloads. Piano Tiles 2 stays faithful to the magic of the previous version while also adding competitive Hall mode, an improved design, and a nearly endless amount of new songs, including original tunes and classic favorites.



“One of the things I love about the new Piano Tiles 2 hack is playing Hall mode, a feature which lets me compete against others around the world — it’s addictive,” said Sylvan Wang, Producer of Piano Tiles 2. “While developing the sequel we were extremely focused on keeping the game fun, above all else. Reaching the top of the US free games category and seeing tens of millions of users enjoying a game which promotes classical music really validates those efforts for us.”

Over 635,000 Google Play users have rated the game 5-stars, resulting in an average rating of 4.6 stars for the app. Users also love sharing their top scores, especially after the video of Piano Tiles 2 from YouTube’s biggest star, PewDiePie. iOS 9 users playing the game also recently gained the ability to record their gameplay directly inside the app with a single button for an even easier way to share their experience.

Piano Tiles 2 is available for free on Google Play and the App Store. What are you waiting for? Get tapping!

About Cheetah Mobile Inc.

Cheetah Mobile is a leading mobile Internet company with approximately 494 million mobile monthly active users as of June 2015. Its mission critical applications, including Clean Master, CM Security, Battery Doctor and Duba Anti-virus, help make the internet and mobile experience speedier, simpler, and safer for users worldwide. Cheetah Mobile is the publisher of Clean Master, the #1 mobile app in the Google Play Tools category worldwide by monthly downloads in June 2015, according to App Annie.

The Company also provides various platform products such as, Cheetah browser, game centers, and mobile app stores to provide multiple user traffic entry points and global content distribution channels for its business partners.

About Piano Tiles 2 

The newest game that’s driving smartphone gamers nuts? It’s called Piano Tiles. It’s near the top of the iTunes charts, and it brings a fresh element to the genre: music.

Available on iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones (still listed under the name Don’t Tap The White Tile in the Play store), Piano Tiles reminds us of a stripped-down version of Dance Dance Revolution or Guitar Hero. In the Arcade mode, a waterfall of black keys scattered from left to right comes flying at you from above. Each key represents the next note in a song. The object is to tap the black keys, and only the black keys, in order, as fast as you can. Accidentally tapping a white key will result in a game over. Falling too far behind in the sequence will also get you ousted.


Tapping through the board at the correct pace will compose a song. Beethoven’s Für Elise and Pachelbel’s Canon were a couple of songs within the game that we were able to identify.

Aside from Arcade mode, Piano Tiles also offers Classic, which presents a set number of tiles that you race against the clock to get through, and Zen, in which you’re given a number of seconds to tap as many tiles as you can. Relay is a variation on Zen mode that refreshes the clock after every 50 tiles cleared, and Rush is a variation on Arcade mode that measures black tiles cleared per second.

Each gaming mode also has difficulty modifiers, in case you want to make things harder on yourself.

Well, you’re welcome to join the fray.

Similar to what we saw at the height of this winter’s Flappy Bird craze, Twitter timelines everywhere are filling with the gripes of gamers who are swearing up and down at Piano Tiles (including some in language that we can’t post here).

Mobile Strike – Review of mobile games advertised by Schwarzenegger

mobile strike tips and tricks

You may have noticed Mobile Strike browsing stores simply offer the Google Play or App Store. Or maybe … you’ve seen recently on television its advertising with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role. Yes, one of the first mobile games, which boasted a spot with the participation of world-class stars. But if it stands out something else? Are they encouraged to play something besides the form of a famous actor, bodybuilder and politician in advertising? Let’s find out!

Production studio Epic War is really tracing such games as the Game of War, Inc. War, the War of Nations, Modern War and many others from the “War” in the name. It is a network real-time strategy, in which we develop a military base and army, to then carry out missions and do battle with the participation of other players. It is characterized by the fact that most of the time (or rather almost all the time) we spend it on a continuous, repetitive click through the options such as “buy”, “upgrade”, “answer”. There is nothing fancy, nothing particularly engaging or anything you would not know from other games of this type.

Of course in Mobile Strike all have to wait. You build a new structure in the database? Wait 10 minutes. Is developing a new technology? In half an hour it’s ready. You train new units? Right away, just wait a quarter of an hour. And so with everything.Each such process can be accelerated, but … yes, you guessed it – money! If you want to play in Mobile Strike as comfortable prepare a credit card. Expenditure will not be small. During the tests, for example, I received a promotion (!) A proposal for the purchase of gold, food, experience points, and the package “accelerators” for 24 gold. Maybe it’s a bargain, but would not be enough for long.Soon I would have to dig into your wallet. After a few weeks the balance of spending would exceed quietly Stowe.

However, the Mobile Strike also has its good side. Epic War spent a lot of time thinking and designing all buildings, units, technologies. In their game really is what to do and what to work on. The authors also took care of all the details – each item has been here bears the evocative graphics and descriptions in Polish and in view of the base watching soldiers walking or flying helicopters. If you have played so far in the Game of War or Modern War and you like the gameplay formula there, you should feel in Mobile Strike like a fish in the water and enjoy the game a lot of satisfaction.

Seeing on television advertising Mobile Strike Arnold Schwarzenegger, I thought maybe it’s mobile strategy, which was not yet. I did not know what would stand out – whether the ideas for gameplay, or workmanship (eg. Graphics) – but I was hoping that something will surprise me however. Well, I’ve been caught in a trap that fell probably still many other mobile players. Unfortunately, the Mobile Strike does not grow above mediocrity in any respect.

Rating: 6/10

+ A whole lot of buildings, units, technologies

+ Well described all the elements (and Polish)

+ Pleasing to the eye graphics

– A lot of the laborious, repetitive clicking

– Microtransactions, microtransactions, microtransactions …

– Does not stand out practically anything

Mobile Strike Hack :

Get an awesome and working mobile strike hack . this will increase your gameplay experiences.

Five Amazing tips for FIFA 16

Fifa 16 coin generator hack

In our FIFA 16 review could already read that the pace of the gameplay is lower compared to previous parts, and that is certainly getting used to and switch. Last year it was much easier to play without the ball that you had to make your pressure to the opponent, but in FIFA 16 the fighting became more intense and more physical. But still want to keep playing the tiki-taka game of Barcelona in FIFA 16, then these tips can help you.


Patience is a virtue

Because the pace in FIFA 16 is much lower, it is important to be patient and be precise when playing around with the ball. In FIFA 16 it is no longer easy to Cristiano Ronaldo in the defense to cut your own to shoot the ball after hard into the roof of the goal when you play as in FIFA 16 will hope games lost. You should proceed patiently and look for a hole for a through ball at the perfect speed.


Another point where the developers of EA Sports FIFA 16 have paid attention to it Middelveld. In FIFA 16 midfielders are in fact less static, but you have to know how to make optimal use of it. Pass-and-go keeps the ball forward quicker with your fellow players, and players will also be much more moving. But it takes even more energy, so you must continue to alternate with normal passes. The pass-and-go “function works with the following combinations: RB + A (Xbox One) and R1 + X (PlayStation 4).


FIFA 16 is running no longer just for the attack, but to the entire team, including emerging backs. These are not only useful to stop the attack of the opponent, but can also go over the winger and surprise your opponent. Note that you do not clumsy loses the ball in the attack, as counters in FIFA 16 are more deadly than ever.


The lobes of a ball is also in FIFA 16 is still a good idea, but look before you start first at the statistics of your players.Because FIFA 16 has become a lot more physical it is important that you have strong attackers when you try a lob goes so that he can keep the opponent himself.

Foster talent

In compiling your FIFA 16 team, it is important to create a good mix. Does your team for example from a midfielder with great footballing qualities, but a low speed, it is wise to add a faster and fysiekere player to the midfield. In addition, it seems the Dutch 4-3-3 in FIFA 16 to be less effective, because the striker all alone must fight without connecting an attacking midfielder. Our advice is to opt for a 4-3-1-2 formation, here I am online and offline most matches won it.

FIFA 16 is now available for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC. In Addition Check this site for free fifa 16 coins & Fifa 16 coin generator no survey